Welcome To TMUS

Welcome to our online store ToyMeUpScottie or TMUS.

We’re super excited to launch this store after the successful run of brickmeupscottie, which is still going strong today. 

I’m Scottie who will be helping out by showing you product reviews and testing out these fun toys that we sell. 

Ida, my wife, CEO, is the one with the most knowledge and after having been in touch with several brands over the years she felt it was the right time to run this store. 

Why this store? We come across some really cool sets locally that you may have a hard time finding overseas or never heard of.  We just want to bring some joy with some new ideas from collectibles figures to toys that kids can play with.  We hope we can grow and add more unique products to the store, for now please take a look and feel free to email us if you have any questions or maybe you found some cool toys we should sell?

All  the best,

Scottie and Ida, 2 Dec 2021

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